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Le Clos Tamba

"Le Clos Tamba" is the famous French restaurant which is also runs shop in Osaka and Paris.
By the wish of the chef, wanting to serve his customers fresh local ingredients from Tamba, this Tamba Branch was opened.
The architecture with "Le Clos Tamba" is called "REIMEIKAN, Dawnlight Building", and it has wonderful space, and it's the old foundation of an old girls' school, and registered as the important cultural property of the country.
This restaurant is most suitable to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere, and you can enjoy a leisurely pleasant meal.
Have a enjoyable with a delicious dish at a building full of the historic value.

Address 688-3, Kaibara, Kaibara-town, Tamba city, Hyogo pref.
Contact 0795-73-0096
Hours L/ 11:00~14:30. D/ Reservation required. Closed Wednesday
Website https://tambatei.owst.jp/