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Let's enjoy Tamba Sweets made from Tamba Kuri (Tamba chestnuts) and Tamba Kuromame (Tamba black soybean) at a thatched old house which has a long 150 year history.
Furthermore, you can taste Naples pizza which is full of many blessings from Satoyama (village-vicinity mountain) made with a firewood kiln, and can have a relaxing time.
Nakajima-Taishodo has always been the heart of hospitality providing heartwarming taste, and is a space which also can satisfy heart body & mind for all customers, since it was established in 1912.

Address 448, Kaibara, Kaibara-town, Tamba city, Hyogo pref.
Contact 0795-73-0160
Hours 11:00~17:00. Closed Wednesday
Website https://www.ntdshop.jp/