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Amago Village

"Amago" is a kind of trout fish, and one of the famous speciality products of Tamba-city.


Let's enjoy Tamba Sweets made from Tamba Kuri (Tamba chestnuts) and Tamba Kuromame (Tamba black soybean) at a thatched old house which has a long 150 year history.

Le Clos Tamba

"Le Clos Tamba" is the famous French restaurant which is also runs shop in Osaka and Paris.

Soba & Japanese Cuisine "WASABI"

"Soba" is a noodle made from Japanese buckwheat.

Italian Cuisine "OLMO"

"OLMO" is Italian restaurant which was built from the very old redecorated "Machiya, town house" more than 100 years ago.

Roadside Station "Obā-chan no Sato"

"Oba-chan no Sato, roadside station" they also sells fresh local vegetables every morning...

Vegetables & Venison dish of Tamba "MUJIKA"

"MUJIKA" was reopened in the Kasugacho area as "MUJIKA Resort" in 2018.

Village of the Dream "YANAGAWA"

"Expressing the heart of Tamba" "Heart, Favor, Skill, Pursuit"
It's just five minutes by car from Kasuga IC.

NISHIYAMA Sake Brewery

"NISHIYAMA SHUZO, NISHIYAMA Sake Brewery" was founded in the Edo period in 1849.

Gourmet Tajima 

It's the 25th anniversary. "Gourmet Tajima" still stands quietly in the mountain village of Tamba as the restaurant where true meat enthusiasts gather, and have a lot of fans.