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Village of the Dream "YANAGAWA"

"Expressing the heart of Tamba" "Heart, Favor, Skill, Pursuit"
It's just five minutes by car from Kasuga IC.
It is a confectionery and Japanese sweet shop resizing in a quiet residential area.
The sweets use special product of Tamba.
"Tanshin Baum, Baumkuchen" made from the glutinous rice of Tamba has been awarded the "Gift Championship" of Osaka.
Moreover, the Japanese style Mont Blanc which is uses the rich chestnuts of Tamba is most recommended.

Address 920, Nokono, Kasuga-town, Tamba city, Hyogo pref.
Contact 0795-74-0123
Hours 10:00~18:00. Closed Thursday
Website https://tamba-yanagawa.co.jp/