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Gourmet Tajima

It's the 25th anniversary.
"Gourmet Tajima" still stands quietly in the mountain village of Tamba as the restaurant where true meat enthusiasts gather, and have a lot of fans.
Their delicious meat "Takami Beef" has shined and recieved many honorable prizes including the " Prime Minister Award ", "Special Award" in various Japanese contest.
If you drop for visit in Tamba area, please by all means come here to enjoy Japanese brand " Kobe Takami Beef " in Shabu-Shabu and roast meat usinga traditional charcoal fire.

Address 46, Kamita, Ichijima-town, Tamba city, Hyogo pref.
Contact 0795-85-2612 // 0120-894029
Hours L/ 11:00~14:00. D/ 17:00~21:00. Closed Thursday & The second Wednesday
Website http://gourmetria.com/