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Vegetables & Venison dish of Tamba "MUJIKA"

"MUJIKA" was reopened in the Kasugacho area as "MUJIKA Resort" in 2018.
Venison is a very good and is fatless food. It also has high quality protein, good for digestion, and does not put a burden on internal organs.
Furthermore it has very high quality protein and mineral.
So, MUJIKA made the venison delicious and easy to eat using their special recipe.
MUJIKA wants you to know the true delicious taste of a venison.
The owner who is vegetables connoisseur will kindly prepare delicious seasonal vegetables from Tamba which he had carefully selected, and is looking forward to your coming here.

Address 1017-1, Shimominosho, Kasuga-town, Tamba city, Hyogo pref.
Contact 0795-88-5252
Hours L/ 11:30~15:00. D/ 18:00~22:00. Closed Wednesday
Website http://hayama.main.jp/musica/