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Soba & Japanese Cuisine "WASABI"

"Soba" is a noodle made from Japanese buckwheat.
And, "Wasabi" is a Japanese Soba restaurant where you can enjoy Soba and delicious Japanese food in the 150 year old historical samurai residence.
"Saba , Mackerel Sushi" is the first recommended dish in this restaurant. And it's cooked from thick fatty mackerel that have been soaked in light vinegars.
Many visitors come to eat this popular dish from faraway places.
Please do try this out !

Address 574-2, Kaibara, Kaibara-town, Tamba city, Hyogo pref.
Contact 0795-72-0028
Hours L/ 11:00~15:00. D/ 17:30~22:30. Closed Tuesday